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Center for Innovation and Incubation(CII)

1.The Center provides varied resources needed at different stages of the business development for SMEs to reduce cost and risk derived from the early-stage development of business. Strong administration supports and technical consultations are provided with high quality of business exploitation for the incubated enterprises. Our prospectives are listed to insure quality of service the Center:
2.To reduce the expenses of investment and the level of risk involved during the establishment of new start-ups and innovative technologies and products, thereby increasing the success rate for entrepreneurs and innovators.
3.To assist in the implementation of industry cultivation plans and in the development of new technologies and new products.
4.To provide guidance with respect to the commercialization of new products.
5.To provide a venue for collaboration between industry, universities, and research institutes.
6.To provide accreditation services to speed up the process of product development.
7.To provide enterprises with consultation services in the areas of manpower cultivation, financing, information provision and operational management.



Center for Technology Licensing and Patenting(CTLP)

1.Evaluate and patent intellectual properties invented at CGU.
2.License technologies and intellectual properties to industry.
3.Allocate royalties and subsidy to inventors and the university.
4.Provide consultation on affair related to intellectual property and technology transfer.



Center for Industry Sponsored Research and Collaborations (CISRC)

1.Assist the faculties and research personnel in funding acquisition from government and industry.
2.Manage and evaluate the industry-sponsored research projects.
3.Advise to the president of this university on regulations and policies of industry-sponsored research projects.



Center for Innovative Technology and Commercialization (CITC)

1. Improve the maturity of core technologies in the university.
2. Assist the commercialization of potential technologies.
3. Development of prototypes and product design.
4. Technical evaluation and market assessment of prototypes.