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About us

  The office of technology development and industry liaison established in 2001 has facilitated three centers, namely innovation and incubation, technology licensing and patenting, and industry sponsored research and collaborations. The Office provides serves to the faculties and students of Chang Gung University with the best maximization of research resources and utilization of R&D results to industry through this platform.

    The Office of Technology Development and Industry Liaison (OTDIL) is a platform bridging technological innovations and inventions made at Chang Gung University into the exploitation process with the value enhanced for industrial applications. OTDIL also serves to further the development of technologies through the establishment of sponsored research and internship collaborations with industry. New venture of incubation companies is also a primary goal of this office to promote the public interests by fostering potential companies through the translating procedures into industry. The office guards the value of intellectual properties made at CGU through the technology licensing and patenting management platform for future exploitations.

Core Activities
    OTDIL achieve the goals primarily through the process known as technology transfer, or the licensing of intellectual property resulting from our research. OTDIL assists Chang Gung University faculty and inventors to obtain patent protection for their technology, and thereafter to license such technologies to industry. OTDIL provides a full spectrum of services to the faculty in order to achieve these objectives, deploying accurate resources in patent strategies, analyzing best positions for patenting, and optimizing interests of parties commercializing our technologies. OTDIL grants licenses to both existing and start- up companies and, when appropriate, proactively spurs the formation of new ventures around Chang Gung technologies. For the effective ways of introducing external resources, the office has channeled a mechanism for academic entities in CGU to collaborate with our industrial partners in the form research funding and practical training programs. With our strong commitment necessary to advance and develop our technologies into effects, the office provides firmly on the administration supports for the University and industry around the advanced venues.

    Finally, OTDIL provides advice and counsel to the president of Chang Gung University on matters pertaining to university policy on intellectual property, licensing, new venture formation, and industry-sponsored research agreements.