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Chang Gung Memorial University's 112-2 academic year teacher EMI empowerment lecture "EMI teaching dilemmas and solutions" experience sharing session


1. Origin: Our school promotes internationalization, cultivates international mobile talents, and then promotes EMI. We hope that teachers and students can have professional exchanges and discussions with international scholars, participate in international teams, and even move to any country on the planet for service learning. However, in promoting EMI, we will inevitably encounter some difficulties and obstacles. We hope that through the exchange of experiences, we can develop a unified solution for EMI teaching.

2. Purpose:

Understand the difficulties of EMI teaching in various colleges and compare the similarities and differences.
Integrate feasible solutions to difficult situations.
Through teachers’ teaching experience sharing, EMI teachers’ teaching abilities and skills are enhanced.
3. Time: June 11, 2024 (Tuesday) 11:30~14:00

(After registration, teachers are required to attend the seminar on time. No sign-in will be given after 20 minutes after the opening time. To show respect for the speaker and avoid violating academic ethics, please participate in the whole process and sign out after the meeting. If you do not complete the sign-out Otherwise, this training will not be included in teacher development hours).

4. Location: Future Classroom, Bilingual Teaching Resource Center, 9th Floor, Management Building of our school

5. Sponsor: Bilingual Teaching Resource Center, Academic Affairs Office, Chang Gung Memorial University

6. Participants and number of participants:

(1) Participants: teachers of this school.

(2) Estimated number of participants: 60 people.

7. Processing methods

This lecture is physical (half an hour of sharing the dilemmas and solutions of EMI teaching, and half an hour of communication). The invited speakers are Professor Zhang Chengxiu of the Department of Medical Management and Professor Chen Meiling, Director of the Department of Nursing. The theme is "Experiences of "EMI Teaching Dilemmas and Solutions" Share The ups and downs of promoting EMI (EMI promotes the ups and downs)".

8. Activity schedule:

11:30-11:55 Sign in and receive lunch boxes
11:55-12:00 Professor Tang Wanru, Director of the Bilingual Teaching Resource Center of Chang Gung Memorial University, hosted and introduced
12:00-13:00 Teacher Zhang Chengxiu from the Department of Medical Management gives a special speech "Experience Sharing on EMI Teaching Difficulties and Solutions"
13:00-14:00 Teacher Chen Meiling, Director of the Nursing Department, gives a special speech "The ups and downs of promoting EMI"
14:00~ Check out
9. Registration deadline: 14:00 on Friday, June 7, 2024 (the system will not be able to accept registration after the deadline)

Contact person: Ms. Deng Yanfen Tel: 03-2118800 extension 5978

E-mail: D000019497@cgu.edu.tw

10. Registration method: Please log in to the school information system and click "Activity Registration System" on the right for online registration. The operation instructions are as follows: From September 8, 2020, the new version of Chang Gung Memorial University's activity registration system will be officially launched (including APP), and various activities such as general activities and teaching quality seminars can be established in this system. Participants can register through the online system or APP. Operation path for event attendees: A. School information system → single login block → Chang Gung Memorial University event registration system. B. Chang Gung Memorial University APP→Mobile CGU→Campus Activities. For detailed operation instructions, please refer to the Chang Gung Memorial University event registration system description website: https://tinyurl.com/yxks7nmc.

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