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The EMI Teaching Resource Center of National Chung Hsing University has newly formulated "National Chung Hsing University EMI Teaching Resource Center: "Field Expertise Modular Bilingual Courses" Teacher Community Implementation Plan"


1. To encourage teachers to form a curriculum development community, through discussions and sharing of teaching experiences among teachers with expertise in the same field, it is conducive to connecting the core elements of basic courses to required elective courses for advanced majors using EMI teaching methods and developing ESAP professional academics. The English course syllabus has specifically formulated this implementation plan (see Appendix 1 for details).
2. Community information:
(1) Application period: from now until 23:59 on June 30, 2024 (Sunday).
(2) Subsidy funds: each community can have up to 70,000 yuan in business expenses and 24,000 yuan in incentives.
(3) Operation period: from the approval date to December 31, 2024 (Tuesday).
(4) Application method: The community convener should fill in the project application form and upload it to the online application platform (https://forms.gle/3Wzj7MoWfmsjV4Xz9).
3. If you have any relevant questions, please get in touch with Ms. Guo from the Bilingual Teaching Promotion Resource Center of the Academic Affairs Office of our school. Tel: 04-22840153 Extension 24. Email: erinkuo@nchu.edu.tw.
4. Attach a copy of the community poster (as attachment 2).

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