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National Tsinghua University is scheduled to host the online "International Forum on Bilingual Education" on June 13, 2024


1. This forum promotes the development and practice of bilingual teaching.
2. Forum Chairman: Professor Xie Chuanchong. Moderator: Distinguished Professor Zhou Yuru. Speakers: Professor Xie Chuanchong, Dean Zeng Deyuan, Vice President Chen Rongzheng, Director Feng Zhanchen, President Lin Yihui, Associate Professor Zhou Qiuhui, Associate Professor Tecnam Yoon, Associate Professor Maria Ellison, Assistant Professor Raquel Fernandez, Lecturer Khau Hoang Anh.
3. Registration method: Please register before June 11. The registration link is as follows: https://forms.gle/z8F9wgN2mzo9T7ru5.
4. Hosting method: This forum will be held online (Google Meet). Guests who have completed registration will receive the forum connection code one day before the forum.
5. For relevant information and announcements, please contact the Facebook fan page of the National Tsing Hua University Bilingual Teaching and Research Center. The link to the fan page is: https://shorturl.at/swxz1.
6. Attached is a copy of the forum poster.

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