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National Chung Hsing University EMI Teaching Resource Center has newly developed a pilot subsidy plan for teachers to teach in English

1. To encourage teachers in colleges and universities across the country to offer bilingual teaching courses and promote an all-English teaching environment across the country, a special-purpose subsidy plan is formulated.
2. Application method: To apply for the course subsidy program for the first semester of the 2024 academic year, please fill in the program application form (Annex 1 of the program) before September 30, 2024, and send the electronic file and upload it to the online application platform ( URL: https://reurl.cc/dnn7d6).
3. Funding subsidy principles and benchmarks:
(1) Subsidy objects: Teachers of courses on trial for all-English teaching in the first semester of the 2024 school year have not received other program subsidies. Each teacher can apply for up to two courses, and the names of the applied courses must differ.
(2) Principles of review: It is handled by the EMI Teaching Resource Center of National Chung Hsing University. During the trial period of all-English teaching, it must meet the definition of all-English teaching in this plan and meet the class standards. The best will be selected for subsidies based on the review results. If the content is incomplete or the format is inconsistent, It will not be accepted. If the write-off is not completed before the end of the project period, the remaining balance will be recovered.
(3) Subsidy amount:
1. First-time applicants for the course: Each course (50 minutes) taught in English will receive a subsidy of 800 yuan.
2. Applicants whose courses are renewed: Each English-taught course (50 minutes) will receive a subsidy of 800 yuan in business fees (including work-study allowance).
3. The amount of the incentives mentioned above and business fee subsidies are capped at one quarter of the total teaching hours.
4. If you have any relevant questions, please contact Ms. Chen from the EMI Teaching Promotion Resource Center of the Academic Affairs Office of our school. Tel: 04-22840153 Extension 23. Email: annchen23@nchu.edu.tw.

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